Sian Winfield

With a background of over 20 Years business operations experience the majority in the startup sector, Sian then went on to launch CoStartup & Go.

CoStartup & Go is a unique and dynamic startup support company invested in making every business that they work with a success. From initial support and guidance to the team support that they need to grow.

Sian’s area of expertise is operations and strategy. This ranges from taking an idea and making it in to a business, or helping a struggling founder or start-up set up operations and processes that will take them to the next level.

Having worked with around 58 start ups in her career, Sian now also works directly with Founders / CEOs as a Startup Directional Coach using her coaching and NLP Practitioner background to help them take themselves or their startup to the next level.

Often speaking at startup events and giving guidance within the startup world, she is also a startup mentor at Launch22 London.

Using her 20 years coaching and NLP experience combining this with having worked with numerous startups getting them up and running and moving in the right direction, Sian now works directly with Founders and CEOs as a Startup Directional Coach.

These are in either 1:1 ongoing sessions or more condensed startup mapping sessions or scale up mapping sessions to give clarity and direction to growing your business.

This covers:
Personality profile review and understanding how to work at optimum performance and in line with key strengths and knowing what skills gaps need filling.
Reviewing what the Founder or CEOs time is being spent on / how to reduce wasted time and focus on what actually needs to be done maximising output.
Lean systems and processes - review overall processes and work flow within the business with a view to making sure that all is set in place to grow bearing in mind where it is heading and understanding what resources are needed to do this
Implementing time saving strategies, tools and efficiencies.
Mapping out clear deliverables around this and measurable milestones.



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